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Martino Buzzi, Wedding Photographer

Before deciding if I am the right person to photograph your wedding I’d like you to get to know me a little better. I’m Martino Buzzi, an Italian photographer with more than 10 years of experience. I was born in Milan where I discovered my passion for photography. I studied film at Bologna’s university before moving to Valencia, Spain, where I now live with my wife and our two daughters.

I started out in photography working with black-and-white film, developing and printing my photos in a darkroom. I worked in different fields, such as portraiture, fashion, events and sports. One day I realized that I have a particular gift for wedding photography, possessing the ability to create memorable images that could instantly convey the “magic” of what to most people is a very significant occasion.

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Soy Florencia Ruiz, pintora de Luz

My Wedding Photography Style:I hope this is evident in my photos. I love photo-journalism and have been commissioned to do quite a lot of it, so I approach shooting a wedding as I would a story for a magazine: the preparation, the ceremony, the banquet — and all those intimate, un-posed side shots that “say” so much.

When I compose portraits of the couple I always aim to create a comfortable atmosphere in which they can relax and be themselves. Among the prizes I have won are the “Premio Reina Sofia”. I speak fluent Spanish, English and Italian.

I am a storyteller.

Juntos Somos Studio Boda

Somos felices de compartir trabajo y de criar juntos nuestras dos hijas, ellas son la fuente de nuestra energía. Ser padres es algo que no se estudia se aprende todos los días. 

Vivimos y trabajamos juntos en nuestro estudio en Valencia. El barrio de Benimaclet es una zonas muy agradable, es un poco como un pueblo dentro de la ciudad.